Kettlebell Alternating Swing Flip Catch

Kettlebell Alternating Swing Flip Catch


Utility: Specialized
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Pull


Begin with Swing.

As kettlebe ll approaches shoulder height decelerate handle so kettlebell begins to tilt back. Release kettlebell allowing it to gain height and flip end over end. As soon as kettlebell handle rotates back to top, grasp kettlebell handle with opposite hand. Return kettlebell between legs. Fold at hips while bending knees so forearm makes contact with inner thigh. Allow kettlebell to swing back under hips.

Drive hips forward, torso upright, and knees straight so kettlebell is pushed forward and upward. Repeat by continuing to switch, flip and catch; alternating between arms on each swing.


Keep arm straight and back taut throughout swing. Torso will be rotated slightly but attempt to keep shoulders somewhat square by resisting pull of kettlebell twist torso too far. Exercise emphasizes hand-eye coordination.

Dynamic shoulder and shoulder girdle movements are largely passive due to pendulum effect. Following dynamic forces are used during initial pull of kettlebell between legs.

Force (Articulation)


Dynamic (Passive)


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