Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerk


Utility: Power
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Pull & Push



Stand shoulder width apart with dumbbells down to sides, palms facing inward and arms straight.

Execution (Clean)

Bend knees and hips until dumbbells are just above knees. Jump upward extending body. Shrug shoulders and pull dumbbells upward with arms, allowing elbows to bend out to sides, keeping dumbbells close to body. Aggressively pull body under dumbbells, rotating elbows around dumbbells. Catch dumbbells on shoulders while moving into squat position. Stand up immediately.

Execution (Jerk)

Inhale and position chest high with torso tight. Keeping pressure on heels, dip body by bending knees and ankles slightly. Explosively drive upward with legs, driving dumbbells up off shoulders. Drop body downward and split one foot forward and other backward as fast as possible, while vigorously extending arms over head.

The split position places front shin vertical to floor with front foot flat on floor. The rear knee is slightly bent with rear foot positioned on toes. The dumbbells should be positioned slightly behind ears at arm's length with back straight. Push up with both legs. Position feet side by side by bringing front foot back part way and then rear foot forward.


Lower dumbbells to shoulders, then lean forward slightly and lower dumbbells to thighs. Reposition body upright allowing dumbbells to fall to sides with arms straight.


See Barbell Hang Clean and Jerk.

Force (Articulation)



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