Suspended Prone Feet Mount / Dismount



Sit on floor facing suspension trainer loops in low position. Place right foot in left lower loop. Cross left leg over right leg placed in right lower loop. Turn body to right and place hands on floor shoulder width apart. Turn body to kneel on hands and knees. Reposition forearms or hands at desired distance from suspension trainer so that body is square with suspension trainer straps. raise knees from ground, so body is supported by arms and suspension trainer.


Dismount by rolling to side of hip. Rotate body to seated position thereby crossing straps. Remove loops from feet.


Intended exercise can be made easier by lying closer under anchor of suspension trainer.

Movement can be made more challenging by lying further back, away horizontally from anchor of suspension trainer. Also see Gravity Vectors for greater understanding of body angle influences resistance. Exercise using this mount and dismount include:

Force (Articulation)

Dynamic (Preparation)

Static (Plank Position)

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