Lever Incline Chest Press (on Hammer military press)


Utility: Basic or Auxiliary
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Push



Sit on seat with upper chest just above base of handles on lever. Grasp grips with wide overhand grip. Lift levers into starting position with elbows slightly low.


Press levers until arms are extended. Return weight until chest muscles are slightly stretched with elbows positioned out to sides. Repeat.


This exercise is typically performed on Lever Incline Chest Press Machine. Seat alterations and precautions during mounting and dismounting of weight will need to be taken since this apperatus is designed for Lever Military Press. Seat should be positioned so base of handles are approximately arm pit height, higher than what is required for military press. Before initiation of movement, lift lever into lower starting position with elbows positioned slightly low. Once first rep is performed, position elbows slightly further out to sides. At bottom position of each rep, lower levers only as far back to allow slight stretch to be felt in chest or shoulders. Once last rep is performed, lower shoulders slightly before lowering levers to resting position.




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