Barbell Thruster


Utility: Power
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Push



Grasp barbell from rack or clean barbell from floor with overhand grip, slightly wider than shoulder width. Position bar on front of shoulders with elbows pointing slightly forward and torso tight. Position feet slightly wider than shoulder width, pointing outward slightly.


Descend until knees and hips are fully bent or until thighs are just past parallel to floor. Knees travel slightly outward in direction of toes. Raise body upward by extending knees and hips. Accelerate when nearing top of squat, drive barbell up off shoulders, pull head back, and throw weight overhead by extending arms upward. Pull head forward at lockout overhead. Immediately lower weight by bending arms. As weight descends, bend legs, pull head back, and catch barbell in front of shoulders as knees are bending at approximately 90°. Repeat movement sequence in quick succession.


Barbell Thruster is a common Crossfit movement. Related movements include:

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