Dumbbell High Swing


Utility: Specialized
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Pull



Straddle dumbbell positioned on its side with feet far apart and toes pointing slightly outward. Squat down and grasp top of dumbbell with hand on each side. Lift dumbbell from floor slightly with arms and low back straight.


With back straight, bend down slightly at hip. When forearm makes contact with inner thigh, immediately extend hips while keeping back straight. Allow dumbbell to rise upward over head while extending hips and knees fully.


Allow dumbbell to fall forward and downward, keeping arms and back straight. Bend knees when dumbbell falls below waist, allowing dumbbell to swing between legs. Repeat.


Use hips to drive dumbbell up on swing. Keep back straight throughout movement. Arms are kept straight by centrifugal force when dumbbell is in motion. Although force should come nearly all from lower body, upper body articulations are also listed. Begin with Low Swing and progress height over head. Also see Kettlebell Two Arm Swing.

Force (Articulation)



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