Suspended Muscle-up


Utility: Power
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Pull & Push



Hang from rings with wrists flexed, allowing palms to face downward.


Pull body upward and turn rings so knuckles face inward. Once shoulders approach height of rings, raise legs by flexing hips. Pull rings apart in front of shoulders while pulling elbows behind bent wrists. Lean body forward and downward while continuing to pull rings to sides of shoulder and elbows upward behind straightening wrists.


Facing downward, with legs still positioned forward, push body upward by extending arms downward. Straighten arms and position body more vertical at top of movement.


Lower body by bending arms until elbows are behind shoulders. As elbows fall below wrists from behind, wrist become flexed since palms remain facing downward. Body is lowered under rings and arms straighten until body is hanging downward. Repeat.


Two platforms of same height can be placed to each side of floor, allowing for easier mounting with clearance below. See mounting image.


Use momentum from kipping to assist in movement. Alternatively, position bar lower or stand on sturdy elevation, just high enough to perform movement.


If added resistance is required, use a dip belt with added weight or place dumbbell between ankles with front end positioned on both feet.

Force (Articulation)



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