Suspended Muscle-up (with kip)


Utility: Power
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Pull & Push



Hang from rings with wrists flexed, allowing palms to face downward. Swing body forward and back to gain momentum. Retract shoulder girdle and hyperextend spine on back swing.


On full forward upswing, swing very high, so body becomes horizontal. As approaching highest point, quickly pull rings toward rib cage, then pull knees and chest together, all while keeping wrists flexed . Allow momentum and weight of lower body to rotate body forward. As elbow rotate over straightened wrists, allow legs to fall below body so body becomes upright.


Push body upward by extending arms downward. Straighten arms and extend body more vertical at top of movement.


Dip body downward with hips slightly bent by bending arms until elbows are behind shoulders. Allow elbows to fall below wrists from behind, thereby flex wrist with palms remaining faced downward. As torso falls back, extend knees slightly while slowing descent of upper body with arms, thereby positioning body nearly horizontal. As arms extend and further descent of upper body stopped, allow legs to swing back under and behind body. Repeat.


Two platforms of same height can be placed to each side of floor, allowing for easier mounting with clearance below. See mounting image.


If Kipping Muscle-up is too difficult to master, consider self-assisted Muscle-up, whereby rings are positioned lower to floor, just high enough to perform movement.


Perform Suspended Muscle-up without kip as strength, power, and technique improves.

Force (Articulation)



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