Muscle-up (on horizontal bar)


Utility: Power
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Pull & Push



Jump up and grasp high vertical bar with shoulder width or slightly wider grip. Grip higher around bar with wrists flexed and palm positioned over bar.


Just before body swings backwards, forcefully pull body up behind bar and throw knees up for momentum. As elbows clear height of bar from behind, lean over bar and flex spine while keeping knee lifted in front of bar from below.


As soon as elbows are above bar, extend arms and knees straight while maintaining slight bend in hip.


Dip body down toward bar, then lower body down behind bar until arms are straight. At bottom just before backswing, immediately repeat movement.


Alternative method involves hanging from bar with wrists in neutral position and relying more heavily on backswing. Translated from certain languages as Power Straight or Up On One. See rear view.


As strength, power, and technique are being developed, use more swing and kick (kip) to perform movement. Also consider allowing chest to rest on bar momentarily between pull-up and push-up phases. Alternatively, position bar lower or stand on sturdy elevation, just high enough to perform movement, thereby allowing for progressive difficulty as height is adjusted incrementally.


Use no swing to initial movement. Immediately push off after pullover without resting chest on bar. If added resistance is required, use a dip belt with added weight or place dumbbell between ankles, with front end positioned on both feet.

Force (Articulation)



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