Cable Pushdown (forward leaning)


Utility: Basic or Auxiliary
Mechanics: Isolated
Force: Push



Face high pulley and grasp revolving bar cable attachment with overhand grip. Position one leg back and bend forward leg with body leaning forward. Position revolving bar down in front of face with forearms nearing vertical.


Push cable bar downward by extending arms until elbows are straight. Return to front of face until forearms are nearly vertical and close to upper arm. Repeat.


Position face close to cable to provide resistance at top of motion. Elbows is brought close to body so arms are vertical at bottom of motion, either at or near the end of full extension, or in one movement as bar is pushed downward.

This version of Cable Pushdown can be used with heavy weight for added stability. This form also engages long head of triceps, both by subtle shoulder extension near top of motion and decreases active insufficiency since shoulder is less extended as compared to standard pushdown.

Synergists assisting in subtle shoulder extension also act as stabilizers through out portion of exercise when shoulder extension does not occur.



Synergists (see comments)


Antagonist Stabilizers

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