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  • Choose a program using the Weight Training Workout Template.
  • Program Selection
    • Choose one template from the options listed.
    • Consider changing this template occasionally for variety in a month or two.
    • You may find a favorite and change only occasionally thereafter.
    • Certain templates may allow you to concentrate on particular muscle groups more than other programs.
      • Emphasis is generally placed on major muscle groups placed earlier in a workout.
      • Choose a program that emphasizes your weaker major muscle groups.
    • Whatever template you choose, change exercises monthly.


  • Click on muscle group within the workout templates above.
  • Regular muscle: pick one exercise for this muscle.
  • Italic muscle exercise is optional.
    • The optional exercises maybe for a miscellaneous muscle group or maybe a second exercise for a muscle group previously exercised directly or indirectly in the same program.
    • Pick optional exercise only if the muscle is under par in comparison to the development, strength, or endurance of other muscle groups.
      • See low volume training.
      • In the case of a miscellaneous muscle group, the optional muscle group in question may be already exercised indirectly from another exercise elsewhere in the program.
        • See muscle analysis under each exercise.
  • Choose just one exercise for the lower back to avoid over-use injury.
    • See lower back for selecting complementary exercises.
  • If desired: add any miscellaneous body parts that are not listed.
  • Choose workout log option.

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