Sample Programs

Powerlifting Programs

Powerlifting is a sport in which athletes compete to lift the greatest amount of weight within an athlete's weight category in three competitive lifts. Each competitor receives three attempts in each lift. The combined total of the highest successful attempt for each lift determines the athlete's placing within their respective bodyweight category.

Competitive Lifts

Raw vs Geared

  • Raw
    • Permitted equipment:
      • Weight belt, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, and special footwear
      • Classic Raw:
        • No wraps
      • Modern Raw:
        • Wraps
    • Training
      • Relatively more training geared to lower range of motions
      • More emphasis on training specificity
  • Geared
    • Additional use of support gear:
      • Bench shirts, squat/deadlift suits or briefs, and erector shirts
      • Originally (allegedly) designed to protect joints
      • Today, they provide elastic properties to assist lifter, particularly in lower range of motion
      • Requires training to master use of gear
    • Sanctioning organizations have varying regulations regarding supporting/assistive equipment
      • Single-ply, Double-ply, Multi-ply
    • Training
      • More training geared to middle and ending range of motions
      • More emphasis on partials, bands, and chains


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