Workout Tools Mobile App

Volunteer as a Beta Tester is proud to announce the upcoming release of our first mobile app. Use Workout Tools as a stand-alone app or alongside your favorite notes or todo app, workout app, or shareable online document or spreadsheet app. Workout Tools mobile app will offer the most popular features of including the following components and features:

Exercise Database

  • View images, videos, and instructions for nearly 2000 exercises
  • Browse by hierarchical categories
  • Search and filter
  • Add tags and favorites
  • Copy and paste exercise links

Weight Room Calculators

  • One-rep Max
    • Estimate your one rep max and workload percentages based on a multi-rep max
  • Workload adjustment
    • Calculate weight increases, warm-up resistances, and undulating workloads
    • Based on performances with actual resistances
  • Barbell Racking
    • Easily calculate which and how many plates required on bar for given workload
  • Strength Standards
    • Assesses your strength compared to other lifters
    • Provides strength ratio, score, and classification 

iOS and Android Release

Soon to be available for both iOS and Android

  • Expected release: Spring 2023
  • Free to use
  • Ad supported

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If you would like to be one of the first to try out our app, we are currently recruiting beta testers. Once we’re ready for a beta release, you will be contacted with instructions on how to install the app on your Android or iOS mobile device. We'll be interested in hearing your feedback to make Workout Tools the best app possible!

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