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by dioriver
Tue Jan 15, 2019 1:09 am
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Topic: Need help?
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Need help?

have a question concerning the deadlift. Recently I had the problem in my training that my lower back (slightly) rounds when doing heavy deadlifts or doing more repetitions doing a set. I still do 5/3/1 and reached a point, where the chase for rep-records or AMRAP-sets got me to do one or two reps "...
by dioriver
Mon Dec 24, 2018 3:12 am
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Topic: a quick question about egg
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a quick question about egg

Thanks to a lot of the advice from you guys on this forum I’ve managed to get my diet into a pretty good place. I eat well every day (except Saturdays – day off) I’m eating loads of good natural food, plenty of fruit and veg. But my Mrs thinks I’m crazy for eating so many eggs. Usually I’ll have 3 s...