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Fri Apr 25, 2008 8:58 am
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Topic: YMCA strongman meet
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YMCA strongman meet

For those near western Pa, there will be a strongman contest at Allegheny Valley YMCA on July 12. Benefits kids training. Please see the News page of site for info and application.
Tue Mar 18, 2008 1:41 pm
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Topic: whats the best way to gain weight/get big?
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Getting bigger

Where's the lower body work?? Nothing revs up the natural testosterone
supply like squatting and deadlifting. Try swapping those in on the middle day of your 3 workout days, and 1 set of the other stuff won't cut it either. try 2 or 3 sets of each, and eat extra protein and good carbs.
Tue Mar 18, 2008 1:32 pm
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Topic: Fuller Pectorial Development
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Inner pecs

Ok guys, A couple of things here 1) of course genetics plays a big role 2) I had no "cleavage" at all as a novice trainee, and could easily be called a "chicken chest" My genetics always favored my pecs getting bigger mostly on the outer areas with heavy training, but once I started benching in the ...