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Post by Manofsteel319 » Wed Jun 04, 2008 9:26 am

Ok I went through and looked back at my 12 10 8 rep workouts before the 3x5 and I have noticed a lot of gains I'll post the previous 12 10 8 reps and weight and then then most recent same workout and the weight

Dead lifts

12 reps 50 lb increase
10 reps 25 lb increase
6 reps 15 lb increase

deep squats (before I used to do them on the smith now I'm completely on free weights)

1x12 215 lbs now 275 lbs and could have done more
1x10 235 lbs now 315 lbs
1x8 255 lbs now 335 lbs

used to do lunges with dbells. I decided I wanted weight on my shoulders so I wouldn't have to worry about grip and could focus on my legs while doing them.

lunges with d-bells
1x10 50 lb d-bells total weight 100 lbs now 12 reps 95 lbs
1x8 55 lb dbells total weight 110 lbs now 10 reps of 115 lbs
usually only did two sets now my 3rd set is 8 reps of 135 lbs
remember this 8 steps one way 8 steps back same with the 12 reps and the 10

My benching increased but not as much as my legs

flat bench
1x12 225 now same 12 at 225
1x9 235 now 10 reps and 235 thats a one rep improvement
1x7 240 now 8 reps of 250 thats ten lbs and one rep there

incline d-bell press

1x12 65 lb dbells same
1x10 70 lbs dbells now 1x12 70 lbs
1x8 75 lb dbells now 1x10 75 lbs........more total reps more total weight

Thats the only comparisons I did it was quick and fast but I did improve and that is obvious the most improvement was in my legs but then again they are supposed to be the strongest so any gains there you would think you would see the most. Tell me if you like the results and let me know.

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