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Posted: Sun Mar 06, 2011 12:48 am
by robt-aus
new program for wife, who has just completed around 16 sessions of SS as an introduction to barbells. everything except the powerclean made it to olympic bars. time for a consolidation/power cycle.

step overs - or "walking over an obstacle", heel must touch first on descent
alternating forward step downs (heel to touch only) 3x12 (each side) - on 3 steps
step ups with weight 3x12 (each side) - on 6 steps
to improve quad usage

burpees 8x3 - emphasis: pushup depth and speed

hang snatch (no squat) to press 6x3 - speed emphasis

turkish getups 4x5 (sets: 2 warmup, 2 weighted)

planks (leftside, neutral, rightside, neutral - as long as possible. currently at 20s a side for 3 repetitions)

mobility accessories - squatting, getting up/sitting down.

90 days of supplementation

Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2011 11:38 pm
by robt-aus
diary indicates day 90 of supplementation. some "notes":
. protein daily dosage range: 0g - 100g
. creatine daily dosage: 4g-5g
. supps range of daily doses: 0-4
. protein average g daily dosage: ~ 40g
. protein mode g daily dosage: 60g (30g morning/evening)
. supps mode daily doses: 2
. majors used: creatine monohydrate, whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate - protein mix was varied based on workout time - if just before/after mix was primarily WPI, if some time away primarily WPC. typical self made blends were 50/50 (restday/no upcoming workout), 75/25 (preworkout wpc/wpi), 100/0 (postworkout wpi), 90/10 (overnight wpc/wpi)
. minor: caffeine (coffee - espresso mainly), cocoa, brown crystal sugar, cinnamon sugar, nutmeg, yogurt - for flavour.
. carrier liquids: full cream milk (75%), soda water (15%), water (5%), other (5% eg beer ('what's something with bubbles and lots of sugar'... not recommended if sober)/coffee/juice)
. over 90 days i estimate 10 days with no supplements due to: forgetfulness; intentional withdrawal for 5 days at 60 days; lack of enthusiasm.
. over 90 days consumed 400gms wpi/wpc commercial blend, nearly 1kg 'pure' WPI/nearly 1kg 'pure' WPC/ nearly 400gm creatine - i have a little of wpi/wpc/creatine left over; another reason for the review.

the interesting bits:
. muscles are apparently larger, but i've recently started using hypertrophy rep ranges for the first time in 18 months
. creatine may have assisted - felt able to tough things out more to grind out reps - placebo/more fuel? hard to tell
. when not using protein supplements, i become incredibly hungry, as in eat-everything-i-see-hungry. like right now. do you need that? i'll buy another one for you. thanks. <munch>
. body shape has changed. i'm currently slightly heavier than i was (~ 88-89kg) 90 days ago with reduced waist size (old clothes fit properly - can wear suits from 9 years ago - belts require new holes). training? yes protein? i think the supps have helped.
. it made me a wind farm. sometimes a very productive one. in inconvenient situations. like when travelling in lifts. with sound effects. "was that a trumpet fanfare? is there a King in the building? there must be."
. winter is going to change my bodyweight and shape slightly but the additional protein each day has helped manage appetite and provided adequate fuel. this has noticably improved the speed of skin healing ( i scrape myself with bars a bit), nail growth and (euphemistically, for some reason) - "increased production quality in the #2 department".

it's mainly the last set of reasons i'll be keeping this stuff in my diet. these 90 days have been very successful. i'm not certain of the contribution to the athletic aspects of my training routine, but i'm highly confident protein supplementation is making rounding out my diet much easier, helping me not be (such a) garbage guts and assisting with repair.

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Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 5:37 am
by jlmoss
robt-aus wrote:o: if you followed my journal over the 11 months you'd be reasonable to observe I had a training problem: too many routines, activities all over the place, not enough intensity/adherence/ex consistency. i agree. my initial program was based on a preparation program for professional soldiers preparing for a selection course. to be successful the program needs to be undertaken professionally. (ie: as a job). i made minimal progress for many months. Due to leaving a job I could train 'professionally' for 3 months, and this stuff still was too much.
L: keep routines focused on one part of the fitness continuum unless you're training for a living.
Not only that, soldiers train under the threat of constant yelling (24X7 Personal Trainer) or rather moral support, all night clean up in the barracks, having all of their money taken away, and at some times, a dishonorable discharge. They are also taken to eat tons of food for every traditional meal and forced to get their sleep in. At least during basic and other specialized training camps such as Airborne, NCO training, etc. Not to mention, having the pent up frustration of not legally being able to be with a woman during that time.

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Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2011 10:33 am
by Oscar_Actuary
robt-aus wrote:A clarification: my conduct in these situations is to perform the exercises listed after the set count in order for the listed number of sets and then progress to the subsequent activity.

eg: 250m row, pullup, 5 x trx pushups, 250m row, pullup, 5 x trx pushups... repeat ad nauseam (literally). I'm suspicious there's a better notation for this type of incremental circuit that I haven't identified. I'm struck by how opaque my notes might be for other people.
I find your journal fascinatingly unique. One day I'll take the time to really read thru and figure out what you do.

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Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:35 pm
by robt-aus
thank you. me too.

robt-aus' comments

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2013 9:49 pm
by robt-aus
A stomach bug interrupted cycle 4 this year, so I took several extra days off to recover. Then, an opportunity to run in a 10k corporate fundraiser for Diabetes appeared so I'm calling cycle 4 closed early. Cycle 5 is a 55 day running program. It appears I need to change things up because I have suspended my gym membership for the second time in 6 years. My goal is to finish, I will be pleased if I make 50mins/10k and happy with 45min/10k.

It's an 8 week program, 3 to 6 sessions a week, with LSD for developing distance, short slow distance for convenience, a 'phase' (intervals/hills etc), a conditioning session and just running.
1: warm in - low, 20
2: intervals - med, 26
3: hill intervals - high, 32
4: distance intervals - high/low, 40
5: lsd distance intervals - low/med, 50
6: run - high/med, 60
7: run - high/med, 40
8: taper - low,10

I'll still give the February chin competition a try.

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Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2013 5:10 pm
by robt-aus
3 days out update:
started my taper early. my training program varied from my previous post, with less emphasis on intervals and more on 'running' ie: moving without stopping at reasonable pace. It'll be interesting to see how I handle an uninterrupted run. I averaged three sessions a week.
I'll have a gentle walk today or tomorrow to loosen up, and then it's on. I'm anticipating a 54min finish. And the run is at the site of the 2000 Olympics, which I hope is scenic.

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Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2013 11:57 pm
by robt-aus
race day.
10km in 45m22s. I think my 5km time was around 22m. 25th place out of 138, 12th of 29 in the 30-39 age category.
I didn't run or walk more than 800m in the last week despite my intentions to do so. My taper was more of a dead stop.

The run was not as scenic as I'd hoped. It was a 5km course requiring two laps for the 10km participants. The course was held outside of the Olympic Stadium in the area surrounding an outlying car park, an area bordered by a four lane ring road. The entire site was an industrial area before the 2000 Olympics. Very large chemical companies, for reasons known clearly to them, required expansive areas of marshland near their plants and the Parramatta river. For. Some. Purpose. The 10km run, and subsequent drive home, featured many 'scenic' redeveloped urban 'waterscapes' visible on the other side of heavy gauge fencing. During the run I experienced many unique odors. This was the site of the 2000 Olympic village, the Olympic athletics stadium and is now a vibrant residential and sports area.

Some observations, given this was my first 'race', not "fun" run.

1. Training by running 12kms with a backpack over rougher terrain and hills helped. Especially towards the end of the run. I was entirely outpaced by many runners until a hill appeared and I was then able to regain lots of lost ground. People: Train on inclines.

2. While not a high end event there were serious runners in attendance. The overall winner was ~1.5kms (5min of my time ahead) at the 5km mark, and ~2.5kms head (10min) ahead at the finish.

3. Due to the event, the race's and sport's age profile (I surmise), my time made me competitive in the < 30 years age division (3rd place was 44min) but was entirely out of the running (boom boom thankyouverymuch) in my 30-39 category (category and race winner: 35min!). Middle distance runners can start becoming accomplised in their 30's and carry on into their 40's. The winning times were similarly fast in the 40-49 and 50-59 categories as well.

4. I wish I'd practiced running with sunglasses. My philosophy of 'don't do anything new in race week' nearly worked. My shoes, socks, t-shirt, shorts and warmup all were appropriate. BUT. I'll be dashed if I'm going to run in 8am sun without sunglasses again. And I couldn't find an easy way of dodging the last minute work yum cha dim sum lunch on Friday. As a known consumer of large amounts of food my companions were confused by my minimal and carbohydrate focused lunch. I also had to avoid things where I couldn't see the ingredients for fear of a last minute stomach bug. All of the tasty things are wrapped in flour pastry.

5. Starting at the back of the pack is silly if you're a moderate runner. I realised I am now a moderate runner. My first 2kms was like dodgems or frogger. This was a bit of fun, but it meant that runners with lower paces who stood closer to the front were getting away from me.

6. Having family at the race to cheer me on was very good.

7. I'm not sure if carbohydrate loading is actually necessary but it's really nice to be able to eat lots of pasta when there's salmon involved.

8. I now have no idea what to do with my gym membership. I've enjoyed 55 days without strength work.

winner's 5km 16m50
winner's 10km 35m04s
my 5km 22m
my 10km 45m22s

Running: It's not that bad.
Outcome: Success!