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Posted: Mon Aug 23, 2010 4:44 am
by robt-aus
23 August 2010
reflection time: log entry of 22 August

here's an idea that may account for my 'lack of legs': increased cortisol production due to increased cardio activity.
So, my failure/inability to complete the B routine could possibly be related to some cortisol related musle reduction. And, well, not doing a weighted routine for 3+ weeks.

If I had to rank the causes, the time interval would be no 1. Librarians are reknowned for supercharged testosterone levels.

Looks like this "failure to lift" will require i give my A/D-F alternation a few more weeks, then look to reincluding a regular strength routine.

It is lucky I enjoy the running, not to mention saving money on bus tickets and occasionally, just occasionally, beating the bus home. Traffic. Now to come up with way to beat a train and jump over the buildings...

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Posted: Wed Aug 25, 2010 12:46 pm
by Jebus
robt-aus wrote: Now to come up with way to beat a train and jump over the buildings
Perhaps you should learn some Parkour.

Also didnt notice the small link until I went to quote the above, nice.

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Posted: Thu Aug 26, 2010 6:29 am
by robt-aus
Jebus wrote:
robt-aus wrote: Now to come up with way to beat a train and jump over the buildings
Perhaps you should learn some Parkour.

Also didnt notice the small link until I went to quote the above, nice.
would be better than what you have to do in winter, which is run in a parka.

will need to consider it at the end of summer - the thought of ankle injury when i'm learning to land during the nice weather is a bit offputting.

sneaky url, huh.

Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 11:11 pm
by robt-aus
this: ... bar+weight.

add 20kgs to all lifts in my journal.

currently at 88kg bodyweight, I appear to be close to achieving one of my many goals:

B routine - PowerC .75xBW. this is currently .75x88=66.

as i've been moving 65kgs work sets now for the last few sessions.

feels like a good reason to try and lose a few kgs to make the goals easier.

in this aspect, i'm nearly at the start of a strength training program.

in terms of other goals, shoulder pressing that weight (after PCing, of course) was possible for only one rep. Push pressing was very, very easy.

robt-aus' log: progress assessment - 30/6 - 30/9

Posted: Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:24 am
by robt-aus
ok. total volume assessment. F routine. i've rounded the date/week counts to whole numbers.

F routine commenced 30 June
Total volume of ex at routine completed 30 Jun:
pullups 18
dips 32
pushups 41
ir 37
2-3mR between sets

6 weeks adherence - 5 repetitions of routine F 30 Jun to 11 August
total volume of ex at routine completed 11 Aug:
pullups 16
dips 31
pushup 52
ir 21
2mR between sets

6 weeks adherence - 11 repetitions of routine F 12 Aug to 21 September
total vol of ex at routine completed 21 Sep
pullups 16
dips 37
pushup 53
ir 36
1mR between sets

Interestingly, after 7 weeks adherence, 14 F reps from 12 Aug to to 29 Sep
total vol of ex for routine completed 29 Sep
pullups 17
dips 40
pushup 61
ir not performed, but let's assume around 36
1mR between sets

SO, I think i'll identify my training cycles thus:

C1: 30 June - 11 Aug for 6 weeks. 18 sessions; 5 F routines
C2: 12 Aug - 29 Sep for 7 weeks. 31 sessions; 11 F routines
C3: 5 Oct - to be determined - schedule's about get bumpy due to life.


C1 - volume regression for all but pushup. reduction in rest period of 1 minute.

C2 - volume improvement from completion of C1 for all but pullup. IR gain of 15. Dip gain of 9. Pushup gain of 9. pullup decrease from start of C1. Reduction of up to 2 mins in rest between sets. Single week #7 produced significant gains over end of week #6.

Analysis/conjecture/wild guesses


Regression possibly caused by low number of repetitions of F route and break at start of cycle. Wide focus on diversity of exercises did not allow adequate accumulation of imposed demands to provoke specific adaptations. (IDSA)

ie: didn't do enough work, went into maintenance/regression due to long gaps in application of stress and variety of stresses (cardiovascular/strength/muscular endurance). too much, yet not enough, stuff.


Slight improvement - changes indicate I was approaching the right level of work. Reducing the number of distractions in the routine seems to have helped. Time reduction indicates capacity and recovery must have improved, but honestly i'm pretty oblivious to it. The big issue for me is the static pullup situation. There's not much change, but i'm sure the quality of the reps is higher in terms of speed and control. Optimistically, an increase did appear in 7th week, indicating a very hard gain over time. I could've been at the breakthrough threshold.... Dip gain is great as i noticed I stalled for a few weeks. I have recorded and physically experienced a breakthrough, which is ace.


Going into maintenance for a few weeks. Travelling for work and then changing jobs. The choice ahead is what will be the next routine. options are: restart F based on the stuward approach, with rest at 3 mins and increased reps per set, or something different. but what?

All in all, i'm pleased by my adherence to training, but am not blown away by my progress.

robt-aus' log: 8 October 2010 - 17 October 2010

Posted: Sun Oct 17, 2010 8:30 am
by robt-aus
between 8 October 2010 - 17 October 2010

spent a week offsite in Darwin and surrounds for work.

it was a conference for work, then a short holiday. entirely co-incidentially, a bodybuilding competition (Darwin Saltwater Classic) was being held in Darwin Convention Centre the day before our event commenced.

my wife and i wandered over to the venue to have a look around.

it was fascinating. entire conference rooms covered from floor to roof in black plastic sheeting with mirrors at regular intervals. bottle metallic blonde women with tans like oak and glow in the dark teeth. men with biceps as big as their heads, or that appeared to look like this, i'm not sure it's possible. supplement retailers with their products in what looked like feedbuckets for horses. we skipped the posedown and wandered off for dinner, which i suspect a great many competitors had deprived themselves of for many days.

i know this will influence the direction of my training. i'm not sure i'm tough enough for something that requires the levels of dedication, self deprivation and moderation on show as we wandered around this competition.

Posted: Mon Oct 25, 2010 9:11 pm
by robt-aus
practical programming for strength training, 2nd ed - Rippetoe & Kilgore has just arrived from the US

my 'quick flick' inspection indicates substantially more reading and scientific detail than SS 2nd ed

looking forward to reading, then studying, this.

Posted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 9:49 pm
by robt-aus
various things to update.

1. PP4ST. Good book. Got 1/3 into this. Took it out of my gym bag and put it on a bench while getting changed for ex last week. Forgot it and left it there. Bye bye book. Stupid tax paid in full. Naturally, my 'lost' note on the gym bulletin board was removed within a day. I work out at a globogym where people will take coathangers from in front of you when you're taking off your coat. Well. they'll try, anyway.

And of course, PP4ST is totally undistributed in Australia, so it's another international order.

2. Changing training cycles

C1: Mixed 30 June - 11 Aug for 6 weeks. 18 sessions; 5 F routines
C2: BW endurance 12 Aug - 29 Sep for 7 weeks. 31 sessions; 11 F routines
C3: maintenance 5 Oct - 18 Oct. ~2 weeks. unclear sessions; random.
C4: Strength 19 Oct - probably around ~ week 1 of December

3. Wife's training

I mentioned in my journal on 24 Aug 10, my (lovely) wife agreed to complete a strength training cycle (box squats, bb shoulder press, bb deadlift + plus 'movement skills'). This was after many years of me suggesting it would be effective. I now report back.

She's successfully completed a 7 week basic skills/strength training cycle. We have had to slowly work with a few strength/movement issues. Primarily:
a total lack of quad strength,
supercharged glutes/ weak hamstrings
an unwillingness to squat due to an injury many years ago.

After a few weeks of missing aerobics and being uncertain about doing basic exercises with weights, she's convinced and enthusiastic. of course, her lower back and her squatting is significantly better, and she's stronger.

we've now moved onto a KB cycle for 5-6 weeks to use some of the new movement skills and build some power (routine is now KB weighted stepups,jump ups | KB clean to press | sumo deadlift - for 4-6 reps ).

i feel she's delighted herself with the significant physical and skills changes she's achieved. has certainly delighted me, but she does that regardless of what she's doing.

good, good stuff.

Posted: Sun Nov 14, 2010 10:26 pm
by robt-aus
i am going to call the SS phase to a halt after my lower back experience. it could be calling a stop too early, but my lower back is too useful to risk lightly.

so, C4: Strength 19 October - 13 November. A cycle of around 4 weeks. 10 sessions. session count is a little low. i started adding more rest days when the deadlifting weight started getting interesting.

over C4 I returned to nearly the same amount of weight as i used in my last (undocumented) SS cycle, which was completed early 2010. if memory serves i worked up to ~120kg squats, 60kg shoulder press, 140kg deads, no bench and 50kg powercleans. i stopped then because of form, and it's still a problem. in fact, it's more of a problem as i'm even less confident it's solid enough to allow me to safely handle greater loads.

to ease my concerns about throwing in the towel too soon, i also did a quick check of my progress against the ACSM strength standards page at exrx. i had a look at my progress, based on 1rm estimates from my 5rm figures. it appears my lifts are approaching intermediate status for the clean, shoulder press and squat, and are just above novice status for bench and deadlift.

based on some things i've read at Coach Rippetoe's site, one of the possible causes of the lower back movement (a good morning squat) is a weaker 'lower back'. it's apparent i need to work my deadlift a lot, given i'm squatting and deadlifting just about the same weight.

but that's just self analysis, and here's some reflection:

i need experienced coaching attention. for egotistical reasons i find this hard to admit. but it's true. i now know enough to know i don't know what to change anymore. that's definately a funny sentence. i think i'm doing everything like the books and dvds say. obviously, i'm not, but what?

i'm snow blind (gym blind) about my own form. surely i wouldn't be using the technique i'm using if it was counterproductive. then again, in cycle 1 this year i did spend 6 weeks trying to do everything and getting nowhere... and gosh, i sure take a lot of time to say simple things.

the next week will be random exercises while i try and identify a coach. there's a chance i might even try and learn how fixed range of motion machines work.

Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2010 12:09 pm
by Jebus
You could film yourself doing the exercises and post them in the Q&A of the starting strength forums. Mark will tell you whats wrong, if anything.

Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2010 6:35 pm
by robt-aus
yes - good suggestion. rip's writing style is impressive, and he is very direct.

Posted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 10:34 pm
by robt-aus
followup. emailed, but have not called one of the two coaches at the gym near my office with oly lifting certs.

have been working out at different gym for several weeks to try and see what/how he teaches. i know it's only an hour every few days, but i haven't seem him get a client to squat or deadlift yet. so, am still doing things by myself.

Posted: Tue Jan 04, 2011 5:00 am
by Velcropop
What gym do you train at?

Posted: Wed Jan 19, 2011 11:53 pm
by robt-aus
well. speaking of currency exchange rates.

received an ebook reader as a farewell gift from my last employer.

so now i am the owner of an electronic copy of practical programming for strength training. was 9.99 USD. cost 10.20 AUD.

Posted: Wed Feb 16, 2011 2:22 am
by robt-aus
helping wife with her program is excellent.

after several years of aerobics classes she let go of 'toning' and agreed to complete a weights program.

we're still working through some range of movement issues, but she's squatting, pressing and deadlifting. yesterday we started on bench pressing and power cleaning, as she's already hitting a wall on the press.

her adherence to the program is based on her willpower. it has been made much easier by the fact she'll happily say a basic strength routine has fundamentally changed her body, and, well, she loves it.

so do i.