how to make bread and why...;0)

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how to make bread and why...;0)

Post by nicolecartersfunfitness » Thu Dec 14, 2006 2:03 pm

wholemeal spelt flour - if you are coeleac look it up
fresh or dried yeast or beaten organic eggs for a more cake like mixture
warm water or full cream milk for a mclm
if you would like a sweet cake add honey or fructose and dried or fresh fruit. ( e.g. dried currants, sultanas, raisins, mixed peel for a bannock or really ripe brown bananas for a banana loaf - they are sweetest when they are more brown, which means you need less honey or fructose. )

use 3 beaten eggs per 300g of flour and add milk and more flour till
consistency is like wallpaper paste. yes this is guesstimation but having fun with k-word experiments is one of lifes great purposeful experimental joys. yes i'm sure it would involve dopamin of some sort especially when eats the tasty results. food, the sensible way to get your energy!

i find that when using yeast for bread that most recipies recommend neading the dough and it makes it very heavy because most of the c02 has been knocked out of it. this could be a good thing for the digestive system but not for achieving that light fluffy texture you get in most shop bought breads. it's very theraputic neading bread dough but i prefer bare nuckle press ups for my boxing training! ( sometimes :0)

really whats the point of putting in an airating ingredient when your supposed to knock the air out? is this the reason for global warming? who knows? who cares as long as i can buy nice heavy bread or make my own i'm happy!! it lasts longer is space efficient for ones rooksack und if you put a little lemon juice innit it will last longer.
don't bother with salt. again if you want a light fluffy texture leave to prove after making it into a wallpaper paste consistency by adding the warm water to the yeast and flour by covering the bread tin you have mixed it in with a plastic covering ( unless you don't like the oestrogens from them either ), when this has risen bake in a pre-heated oven 180c / whatever the fahrenheit equivalent is, until it looks cooked!! or if you want to do the clean knife test in the centre, or for approx. 35 - 40 mins

honey and lemon porridge
double cream
fullcream milk
porridge oats
squeeze of fresh lemon juice
the usual guide is 1/2 cup oats to 1 1/2 liquid i like it thicker though so kind of just keep adding oats or milk/cream until it looks right! :0) if it's too thick flapjack it, if it's too thin add more oats...isn't the fitness proffession great!! eat exercise S$%t wash F$(k sleep. yes in that order! the simple's simple but we are far from stupid! especially when one does it for a living! ambidextrous exercise makes sense adn uoy owkn ti.

boil then simmer til thick enough to use as a wall filler if you then want to cool it place it in a baking tray and bake it to make flapjacky things or add a little cold full cream milk to eat as god intended.

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