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Food Exchange Disconnect?

Posted: Tue Jul 17, 2007 12:42 pm
by Fawkes
Hooray for EXRX! I learned of ExRx from a friend of mine who teaches PE at a local university. The site's workout programs have been instrumental in maintaining my weight and stress levels since I quit smoking a month ago (Hooray for me too, I suppose). A few days ago I began to study the ExRx "Diet and Nutrition" area, and I found something that caused me a bit of confusion for until I puzzled out what I think was going on.

It could perhaps be my status as novice here that is contributing to my confusion using the ExRx "Food Exchange Journal" in conjunction with the "Food Exchange Calculator", but I don't think so. The two forms seem to produce entirely different results. This is confusing to me as the two forms are recommended as part of an overall food exchange system.

The disconnect is between the grams of fat listed for "Starches" and "Meats" exchange categories between the "Journal" and the Calculator. The Journal associate starches with 1 gram fat (a number confirmed in the "Food Exchanges List") and 1 gram of fat for "Meats" (though this is variable in the "List," I'm perfectly willing to accept the "Journal's" use of 1 gram as a working number).

However, the "Calculator" calculates starches with NO grams of fat and meats with 0.5 grams of fat. (Try typing "1" in for a starch and you'll get a "0" where the "Journal" would calculate a "1." hit "reset" and do the same for "Meats." You'll get a "0.5" where you should get a "1.")

In my personal planning calculations this was a less than 500 cal. difference, but it was a bit confounding until I tracked down the mechanism. The thing is, no note is made of this difference in the sparse discourse on the "Calculator" page.

Has anyone else noticed this discrepancy or does anyone know why this discrepancy has been created. I'm thinking there must be something obvious that I'm missing because the disconnect seems so incongruous with what strikes me as ExRx's normal attention to details and user friendliness. I'm probably just using it all wrong, which is frustrating because I'm so excited to use it at all!