A good breakdown of carbs; i.e fibrous veg, fruits, starch

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Re: A good breakdown of carbs; i.e fibrous veg, fruits, star

Post by Rayca » Wed Nov 02, 2011 4:53 pm

stuward wrote:Much like broccoli, lentils have twice as many carbs as protein so it's not really a high protein content. Some people have issues with legumes. Even soaked, and all beans should be soaked before being consumed, beans are usually mal-absorbed in the small intestine and ferment in the large intestine. This can create gas, but more dangerously the lectins they include can contribute to leaky gut which can contribute to a host of issues including auto-immune diseases. Yes, in moderation, beans can provide energy and some protein but they need to be carefully considered first. Broccoli will provide the same benefits as lentils with less risk, although you need higher volumes due to the water content.

Oh, yes. Broccoli has almost 3X the carbs as protein and lentils twice as many. However my point was not about lentils being a "high protein" content food but that it is, in comparison to other starchy types, like rice and potatoes. I would hope that readers know what foods cause them to have gastric issues and if one is concerned about leaky gut or possible auto-immune diseases, they should carefully consider not eating them. I consider them a health food and eat a variety of beans, as well. I must say that personally, I think broccoli can be very gassy, as can any vegetable that is cooked al-dente and/or if eaten raw. Wow, you replied quickly. Thanks for that.