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Post by daniel4738 » Tue Dec 18, 2007 4:00 am

tyler wrote:
hoosegow wrote:Am I off base here? When you go into starvation mode - not eating - your body adapts by the stomach shrinking and suppression of the appetite. Eat. Eat some more and it should come back. If all else fails, smoke a pound of pot. You should get the munchies.
Hmm...I guess so. I don't smoke pot...but I still get hungry when I drink, so drinking a six-pack would be better. I wish it was easy to just "eat" like people say...but its not the same for me. Do you not like to fly or something similiar like that? Tell a person with a fear of spiders to just grab one- and that's kind of what u have with me. Eventually it fades...but it can stay for a long time with me.
thoughts on "Just eat".

In 2005 I did a very arduous course in the UK, it was 6 months of walking on the hills in Wales (every 2nd weekend) at increasing speed, distance and with an increasingly heavy rucksack. The end was test week, which involved 5 day marches of about 6-8 hours with a 25kg rucksack (not including food and water which is about 5kg, if not more), then after this a 20 hour march covering about 80km.

The problem is that you are perpetually tired and dehydrated and therefore have no appetite. Lots of food is laid out for you to help yourself at almost any time, but most people failed because they couldn't eat enough. I was honestly looking at piles of food and looking at it was like looking at the mountain you have to walk over.

But I could walk over the mountains ... so I could eat the food. You can push out a tremendous amount of power that your body doesn't want to do .... eating when you have no appetite is just the same ... you must force your body to eat.

How is the eating going anyway?

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