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How much whey to take

Posted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 4:45 pm
by dang.27
I am an 120-lb Asian female and I do weight-lifting three times a week and I do cardio 2-3x per week. My goal is to get a six pack. I'm currently taking "American Whey" before and after my workouts (both strenght and interval training). However, I'm only taking half-scoops each time for a total of one scoop per day. Is that too little whey or is that enough?


Any good tips for a six pack?

Posted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 4:53 pm
by stuward
How much whey you take is dependent on your total protein intake. If you are getting a decent amount through the day that's enough. I take about twice that but I'm twice your size.

Getting a 6 pack means getting your body fat down low while building your muscle. You should focus on building strength and working your whole body with large compound movements. Don't do endless ab exercises but when you do work your abs, use heavy resistance and provide adequate rest for muscle growth, the same as for other parts of the body.

How is your overall body fat? Is it going in the direction you want?


Posted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 5:10 pm
by dang.27
I don't know how to calculate my percent body fat. I would like to be leaner. I went on a website once and it measures your percent body fat by the circumference of certain parts of your body and it came back as 32% for me. So i'm guessing that it is not optimal.


Posted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 5:35 pm
by stuward
This calculator works well. ... 4-143.html

The actual number is not so important as whether its going in the right direction over time. Progress should be slow. More than a pound/week indicates you are burning muscle along with the fat. You should try to achieve a steady weight loss while maintaining or increasing your strength. This will indicate that you are preserving your muscle. If you're getting weaker, you are likely burning muscle and you should increase your calorie intake.

Are you having any issues with your diet?

Posted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 6:27 pm
by dang.27
No I don't think so. Like I said, I take whey protein regularly before and after workouts. I take multivitamins, acidophilus, fiber, green tea extract and flax seed on a daily basis. I eat a lot of rice (pretty obvious) and a lot of vegetables. Many of my fat intake comes from the meat that goes with my meals. I hear that you should not limit your fat intake as this will negatively affect your health. I eat meals three times a day.

Posted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 6:48 pm
by stuward
That sounds good. If you need to cut down on the calories, cut back the rice. Keep in lots of vegetables and all the rest. You're right about the fats. If you aren't eating much fish, take fish oil. I don't think I would eat the fish in Ohio.

Posted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 8:10 pm
by ironmaiden708
Many of my fat intake comes from the meat that goes with my meals
Your fat intake is more around saturates. Get some nuts and olive oil in your diet to get mono and poly unsaturated fats also the fish oil will aid.
I eat a lot of rice (pretty obvious) and a lot of vegetables
Veggies are good, but by what you are saying it seems you want to cut, so you are gonna need to either scrap the rice all together or have in moderation and have around the times that you exercise (before and right after).
I eat meals three times a day.
Aim for 5-6 minimeals. Read this, it should give you what you want for a good diet.

Also a 6 pack looks fine of women but IMO it can't be so cut that it looks as if it were chiseled out of stone.

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2008 8:39 am
by corless319_
Not all asian people eat rice one of my best friends growing up was asian and he was a hot dog and mac and cheese guy haha.

LMAO Well I guess anyone that can make a joke is the person who is within that ethnic group. Both what ironmaiden and stuward said were right. You need to lose fat its that simple. We all have the muscles its just that some peoples muscles are covered with layers of fat. It's a gradual process and you should set many small goals to keep yourself motivated.

Yes chicks with abs are hott chicks that are like arnold are not. Well that's my opinion. Athletic females even without abs with just smooth stomaches are good too. Unless you plan on competeing or if thats your personal goal and or preference cool. Good luck with everything. They have an online journal part of this forum if you ever want to post your workouts. Fun stuff.

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2008 5:25 pm
by Matt Z
I think that some muscular definition on a woman is sexy. It's only a turn off (for me) when a woman is really cut ... when her whole body looks sharp and angular, with almost no bodyfat.

Posted: Wed Apr 30, 2008 10:10 pm
by pdellorto
Like the guys said, visible abs is more diet than training. Nothing wrong with a six-pack on a woman. It's vastly better than the muffin top you see so often! I say go for it.

I hear you on the rice. I'm not 100% convinced on the "ethnic typing" diet approach, but I have to admit I am surrounded by Japanese guys (and a couple Koreans) who eat rice at every meal and yet sport visible abs. They are all athletes, though, so it could just be massive burn of all the calories they take in...but if I eat lots of starchy carbs like rice I get a paunch, if I cut them out I get some definition around the midsection.

For the whey, one thing struck me - "how much whey to take." It's food, that's all. It's not really a supplement, it's just protein. Absorbs faster than other proteins but try to think of it as a fast-digesting meal and it's easier to get a handle on how to eat it. It's good pre- and post-workout or when you need a fast-digesting meal but it's not a magic powder.

Good luck on the six!


By the way, thanks to Kenny Croxdale for explaining whey vs. casein vs. other proteins here for lots of my basic understanding of protein.