after work out snack

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after work out snack

Post by Amuary » Sat May 13, 2006 1:29 am

I would like to know, what would be the best snack imediately after work out, like the minute i stop what can i eat. Im not into protien shakes, and i am a bit confused with the banna and insulin issue. so what would you guys recommend? ive been haveing a now sugar soymilk , but i need more. no sports bars.



Post by Guest » Sat May 13, 2006 8:21 am

post workout nutrition---REGARDLESS of your goals,be it bulking or cutting!!!

protien and simple carbs.
you have what is called an anabolic window of like 45 minutes after training.
that is when your muscles will readily absorb the nutrients you feed them.
The reason for the simple carbs after a workout is because they "spike" your insulin levels-insulin is very anabolic--it is also a delivery to take those nutrients to your muscles.

what kind of protien?
the reason shakes are so popular is because they take less time to break down.
Whey protien is the very best. your body absorbs it the fastest. the problem with whole foods is that they take too long to break down
you may miss that window

why dont you like shakes?
the taste?
there are some really good tasting shakes out there now.
designer whey has been out since the beginning of whey protien powders. they taste decent.but there are a ton of them out there some taste really good
this is my post workout:
40 gms whey protien
8 gms skim milk
5 gms creatine(w/30 gms delivery system in the powder)
300 i.u vit e
500 gms vit c
1 banana

in the next few weeks i am going to start a cutting phase and i will add glutamine and hmb

an hour and a half -2 hours later i eat a meal. with protien fats and complex carbs

kevin harris
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Post by kevin harris » Sat May 13, 2006 8:23 am

one more thing---even if you decide no shake no sports bar, at least get some type of protien--depending on your weight 30-50 gms---the little bit you get in the soy milk is not enough. your muscles are starving and insted of being anabolic you will turn catabolic.....your muscles will eat them selves(sorta)


Post by Guest » Sat May 13, 2006 8:48 am

Where can we purchase whey products? If one were to train 3 times a week, how much would he/she invest per week on whey protein?

kevin harris
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Post by kevin harris » Sat May 13, 2006 8:55 am

any nutrition shop--gnc, vitamin world,etc.
for 2 lbs it is usually around 20 bucks
you can even get it on the net for a little cheaper
designer is good, mega whey by eas is good, nitro tech is the most heavily advertised protien powder on the market,
like i said i use designer, it tastes dood and mixes well(no clumping)

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Deific Wizard of Sagacity
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Post by KPj » Thu May 18, 2006 8:07 am

If you live in the states, go to a golds gym and buy their make of protein. The double chocolate one has surprising low fat and carbs. It tasted like Chocolate Milk (even when mixed with water).

I'm from the UK and was in Florida on Holiday. We went to a Golds Gym and bought the protein there, I usually get strawberry but all they had was double chocolate. I honestly sat and sipped away at it, loving every drop - I would have it for dessert :-)

The downside is that now, months after, the protein I used to enjoy in the UK is just not what it used to be. Not in the same league.

.....Patiently waiting for Golds to supply the UK with Protein......



Post by Guest » Thu May 18, 2006 2:31 pm

Buy the protein at GNC. Sign up for their Gold Card, it's really worth it.

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Post by Mog16 » Thu May 18, 2006 6:18 pm

buy protein at costco...99 servings (~25 grams a serving) for 20 bucks and if you want to bump the quality buy some muscle milk and do 1/3 serving muscle milk and 3/4-1 serving of the cheap stuff.

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