Wisdom Teeth sucks

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Wisdom Teeth sucks

Post by Jebus » Fri May 29, 2009 8:35 pm

I got all my wisdom teeth pulled out thursday, i was soo druged up lol.

What the hell can i eat?? she told me not to eat protein... I cant chew anything.

All i ate today was some broccoli soup, mashed potatoes and ice cream.

and this is making my acne flare up like crazy..

What did everyone else in history do about thier wisdom teeth?
When ever i research past civilizations i never hear of any horribly disfigured faces lol caused by wisdom teeth.

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Post by Pauly420 » Sat May 30, 2009 8:42 am

drink protein shakes, at least thats what i did.

Matt Z
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Post by Matt Z » Sat May 30, 2009 9:36 am

"What did everyone else in history do about thier wisdom teeth?" - Jebus

Not sure about wisdom teeth specifically, but I do know that dental problems in general were a common cause of death. They probably still are in some places.

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Post by Jungledoc » Sat May 30, 2009 10:35 am

Yep. They did basically the same thing they did with appendicitis.

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Post by Ironman » Sat May 30, 2009 12:14 pm

Mine all grew in right. When I go to the dentist and get x-rays, sometimes other people that work there come to see my wisdom teeth.

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Post by cannotremember » Sat May 30, 2009 4:45 pm

Same boat here - mine got pulled Friday (yesterday). The sucky part about all this is the fact that I can't exercise hard for a few days. Be that as it may, however, I reckon it's better to simply rest up and heal as fast as possible so that ya can get back into your pre-operative diet/exercise routine. I'm kinda approaching this as a few days of dietary cheating, albeit mostly with soft and liquid foods - both to keep my spirits up and to maintain some semblance of basic caloric intake.

Protein shakes work very well according to my oral surgeon. I've added some hemp powder to these shakes as well to up the fiber content to help me feel more satiated. Though normally I make 'em with water or soymilk, for the sake of convalescent comfort I bought a half gal of whole milk.

I've found I can chew most soft things (bananas, peach wedges, other fruit) using my front teeth. I'm even considering taking some leftover pork ribs I got the night before surgery and letting it stew to tenderize them a bunch more, and giving that a go. Small bites of Jello that you can swallow without chewing can be tasty too - kinda just mash it with your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Fluffy scrambled eggs work too - even with tiny minced chunks of ham.

Soups and smoothies work well too - nothing too hot nor too cold, though. Cup noodles work well if you take a knife to the noodles to break them up some before adding water. Of course, don't use straws or slurp soup or do anything that creates suction in your mouth - unless you want dry sockets.

Frozen peas help with the swelling (don't eat them)

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