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SuperCissus RX

Posted: Thu Nov 12, 2009 10:41 pm
by quadfrog
My elbows have been getting tender after heavy pressing, and my trainer suggested SuperCissus RX. I have a long history of abuse by weight training, from football to power lifting to bodybuilding, and I'll be 60 years old in February. I've also tried every type of anitflamatory known to man. So, I started using this product, taking 6 caps daily. Three days later: pain-free lifting with a maintenance dose of 4 caps daily. Even the pain from my knee's torn miniscus subsided. I also noticed that adding a small amt. of iubuprofin magnifies the effect on heavy days, when I pyriamid up to 85 lb. dumbells for a set of ten reps. My goal is 100's by my birthday on Feb. 2nd.