Diet advice + good diet planning program/website?

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Diet advice + good diet planning program/website?

Post by IceDane » Mon Jan 16, 2012 1:28 pm

So, today as some of you may have read somewhere, I tried deadlifting 200kg as a 1RM attempt.

It failed horribly. After even sleeping badly, dreaming of deadlifting going wrong, then scaring the $h1t out of myself by reading KPj's thread where he mentions having had a hamstring tear during deadlifts or something in that direction.. I psyched myself out.
I pulled 2 sets of 170 kg for 5 reps last monday. Today, I could barely budge the 200kg(5 reps @ 170 kg -> predicted 1RM = 200 kg) and even after dropping 30 kg and trying 170 kg, even that was hard as hell.

Anywho.. I've been incredibly active these past few months. At the same time, I have not eaten nearly enough, and sometimes had a giant calorie deficit. According to, on a day like today, I probably have something like a 2000 kcal deficit, but I'm not sure how their estimate of my metabolism is.
In spite of losing a good deal of fat, I have gained noticeable size and strength. However, I know this is probably because I've been alternating between excess calories and a deficit, depending on days(mondays start at 04:30 and end at 7 pm, fridays at 04:30 and end at 5 pm), as well as due to the 'beginner element'(I've only been working out since july now).

So I've decided to set up a diet plan, so that I can stay about 500 calories ahead of my metabolism so I don't risk start losing strength, which I feel like might be starting already considering how terrible today's deadlift was, regardless of how much I scared myself. I have a few questions I would really appreciate if someone could answer/clarify for me:

1. First, do you guys know of/use any site that helps you create a diet and perhaps keep track of your food intake, other than fitday? It is alright, but it doesn't look like it lets you create a plan.
2. Since I am bulking, what should I be avoiding? Should I be going relatively low carb, high protein, high fat? Or should I stay away from the fats and go high protein/high carb?
3. What should I be eating? I'm thinking rye bread with chicken and stuff like that. But I can't eat that for all meals.. what do you guys eat throughout the day?
4. Breakfast? I looked at cereals today and they all consisted almost entirely of sugar.
5. Do I need to limit my fiber intake in order to avoid having to drop bricks in the toilet, or should I just go all out and skip stuff like white bread entirely?

I may have a few more later, but that's all I can remember for now. Again, any information or links to information would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Diet advice + good diet planning program/website?

Post by xshawnxearthx » Tue Jan 17, 2012 9:15 pm

they have a mobile app for droid/iphones.

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