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Erectile Dysfunction Problem After Weight loss

Posted: Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:37 am
by Boiketa
Hello, All Fitness Experts and Viewer here!

My weight was 200lbs last month. I found it difficult for me to live with that much weight. I want to lose 40lbs from it. My GF always says, I eat too much and not in a proper way. I started taking less diet, not everything in once by time after time, started an everyday workout, which makes me lose 10lbs in very the first month. Everything is perfect except a new problem.

I can't last my tools Erections for a long time and not having fun as before. When I go naked it loses the erection, after rubbing a bit it come up again, but when we start having sex, it loses erection in between and spoils all mood.

What you think will be the cause of it? if diet change or loss of weight can cause such problems ? or there may be anyother? I am bit shy to see Dr., if there is anyone who has such experience or can share it here?