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Fitness Routine Feedback

Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 8:55 am
by biff
I have a goal of becoming "fit" and maintaining this status. I am an adult with a full time job and a family, but I have converted my garage into my own personal gym (full disclosure the wife works out with me most days). I enjoy exercising, but I can't have it consuming all of my free time. I have no illusions of looking like the next cover model, but I would like to be able to ease through PT tests in the military, but not limit training to push ups, sit ups, and running. I have read so much literature on exercising that I think I think I have come full circle in that what once was good, was later bad, then good again. Basically, I can't believe half of what I read and have just been doing a trial by error. Below is a workout regiment that I did for several months that seemed to work well until an injury occurred (not related to exercise, but impacted it drastically). I am not getting back into the groove again and was looking for feedback on my exercise plan. Sorry for the long intro.

Monday: 5x8 (5 sets of 8 reps - decreasing weight as necessary to barely achieve rep 8)
Exercises: Squat, Dead-lift, Calf raises, 4 minutes of straight ab/core work (crunches, twists, leg raises, flutter kicks etc.)

Tuesday: Tabata (20sec on 10 sec rest for 4 minutes) 8 total bouts with 3 min break at midway point.
Exercises: Mix of body weight and lighter weights --Mountain climbers, jump rope, sprints (running), ab work, push-ups (vary each ON period), bent over rows, etc. (exercise suggestions welcome)

Wednesday: Light/easy 3 mile run Pace is relaxed where a conversation is possible, but somewhat labored.

Thursday: 5x8 (5 sets of 8 reps - Same as Monday)
Exercises: Bench Press, Pull-Up (assisted as needed with bands), Military Press, tricep extension (skull crushers), Curls

Friday: Forced Recovery (2 min work, 1 min of light cardio (jump rope/jog etc.) - repeat for 15 bouts with 3 min rest at halfway point
Exercises: Generally this is body-weight and lower impact exercises or muscles not already hit - leg lifts, hip abductors, rear delts, supraspinatus, box step-ups, should gators, overhead arm get the idea. (Again exercise suggestions welcome)

Thank you in advance for feedback.

Re: Fitness Routine Feedback

Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 5:08 pm
by biff
Forgot the weekend.

Saturday - Rest Day (likely yardwork/chores)
Sunday - Yin Yoga