A quick question about Periodization

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A quick question about Periodization

Post by belladaisy2018 » Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:05 pm

For some reason (* see below) I've gotten into the habit of doing a light (warmup) set (15 reps), followed by a medium set (8-12 reps), followed by a heavy set (3-6 reps). Is there a name for this? Is this a recommended way to workout? Or is it better to do standard periodization where you pick one rep range and do multiple sets at that weight, and then choose a different rep range the next week or month?

* OK, reason is: I read the ExRx suggestion that 1 set is almost as good as multiple sets and thought "OK I will only do 1 set." Then several of you informed me that those recommendations are somewhat out of date, and I decided I should at least do a warmup set so I added that. And then a lot of times after the 2nd set I thought "That wasn't really enough weight; I'll do a 3rd set, go up on weights again but do less reps." Then I decided I kind of liked lifting that way so I kept doing it....

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Re: A quick question about Periodization

Post by stuward » Tue May 01, 2018 6:55 am

You're describing a pyramid (half pyramid actually). That is a very effective method but too complicated for some people so they recommend straight sets. It can actually be more effective although harder to track volume and intensity. It's just another way to skin the cat.

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