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How to safely massage the scalenes muscle?

Posted: Sun May 20, 2018 1:37 am
by scullsold

I have been figuring out how to do it. the trigger points are the black dots and where the pain/ache/tight is felt is in red. I am tight here a lot and I am trying to figure out how to massage it. I know there are nerves around and such too, so I want to know how to safely massage this area. :cool: ... 970c-500wi

side of neck as well..and this is actually where I feel it..(the part in red) more than just the scalenes muscle. the side of the neck. :cheers:

jaw popping is also the cause of it and when I massage it right (whenever I do) the jaw popping goes away, but then things get tighten up again. everything and everything for me is trigger points and I want it to go away forever and not come back :salute: