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Question about a specific exercise

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2006 4:04 pm
by misterjingo
I noticed that there is a new lift for Lateral Deltoids that involves raising dumbbells up on the side of your body. ... aises.html

(Hope I did that right)

My question deals with the elbows. Should they stay perpendicular to the body or is it ok for them to be pointing towards the back a little bit? I hope I'm making sense here.[/url]

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2006 4:35 pm
by TimD
Hi. I know that one, under a different name, DB raise to Armpit, and the coach (I Javorek) recommends keeping elbows pointing up, but quite frankly, stay in your comfort zone. If they happen to go up and slightly back, I don't think it's going to hurt anything.


Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2006 9:12 am
by Thomas
It's probably better to have the elbows come back a bit on that exercise. The reason I say that is for the shoulder joint. For any exercise, try to make sure that the elbow isn't pointing directly up (in other words people who do lateral raises with elbow pointing straight up are likely to have problems with the shoulder joint). A lot of people say "well it makes the exercise harder"... but there's no need to do that if you can perform it safely otherwise with the elbows pointing to the rear by the end of the movement.