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Need help?

Post by Kylie99 » Fri Jun 22, 2018 2:07 am

I've gone back up to my quaint little highland town for the summer due to a lack of work for me in Glasgow, so I'm back using the tiny (and i mean TINY) little gym we have in the local centre.

And it's awful, truly awful. No barbells, no racks, nowhere to do pull-ups or dips and the dumbells only go up to a pitiful weight.

What it does have on the other hand are lots of extremely attractive looking weights MACHINES, all lovely and chrome and shiny. Definitely the most aesthetically pleasing machines I've ever seen. And did someone say "cardio"? Well the state of the art cardio machines have their own televisions built in! With Sky TV no less! Anybody on any cardio machine can watch any number of hundreds of satellite channels. Oh dear.

So basically I can't squat or deadlift. And the dumbells are too light to make pressing worthwhile. I can (grudgingly) use the lat pulldown machine in place of pull-ups.

So how I'm making do without squats/deads is single leg stuff, my single leg strength sucks so the dumbells they have are heavy enough for that, so that's something at least. Lots of lunges and step ups.

The real issue comes from pressing and rowing. The dumbells are too light. What i thought i might try is German Volume Training. Now as I understand it the theory is to take a weight you can almost do for 10x10. The dumbells should be the perfect weight for that.

What I'm wondering is: I've only ever seen GVT recommended for squats and deads. All the articles I've read are about using it for these two exercises to build loads of all over mass. Will it work if I'm just doing it for upper body exercises? Or is it too much volume and will do more harm than good.

As always I appreciate any advice.

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Re: Need help?

Post by stuward » Sun Jun 24, 2018 5:08 am

There is lots of evidence that size can be built with less than maximum weights, even as low as 30% of maximum. It may take longer to get the effect but it's volume that makes the most difference. Look up Brad Schoenfeld for more on the science. Strength would require loads closer to maximum.

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