A quick question about important

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A quick question about important

Post by Dominich » Wed Jul 04, 2018 10:10 pm

Just seems like time wasting to me. I like to alternate push-pull so that I keep heart rate up, get a little bit of rest but not waste time. do a set of curls/dips/curls/dips...like that.

I read stuff about spending minutes between sets on the 5x5 or other programs. I can't imagine doing that and just standing around (don't have a training partner).

So how important do you think the rest time is. And I'm sure my practice is "wrong"...but some thoughts on how wrong?

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Re: A quick question about important

Post by stuward » Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:12 am

I almost deleted your post because of the non-descriptive subject line. We get to many spammers and trolls here.

Rest time is not important. (Yes, Arnold said it was but science proved him wrong) Training volume and intensity are most important. ATP replenishes in a few minutes after working out. If you haven't fully replenished your ATP, you won't have the strength to push through the next set with the effort needed. If you're going to follow a program, follow all of the program. If you want to make more efficient use of your time, alternating movements does work. While you wait for one area to recover, you can work another. It's hard to do that while working whole body exercises like squats or deadlifts, however, throwing in some pullups between bench press sets is feasible.

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