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Help with WS4SB !

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 10:18 pm
by minhtuchael033
I'm trying to set up an off-season program for my friend, who is a canoe racer. She is starting to get competitive in this sport and I recommended WS4SB to her.

I was wondering if making the following modifications to WS4SB would be good for her specific sport (which involves a lot of back, core and shoulder work).

1. ME LIFT: Rowing variation, 3-5RM: Pendlay row
2. Supplemental Lift: one-arm dumbell rows
3. Horizontal push
4. Rear delt/upper back

1. ME LIFT: Deadlift, 5RM
2. Supplemental lift: squat, lunges
3. Ab Work

1. RE Lift: chest-supported row, inverted row, etc.
2. Vertical Pressing
3. Medial delt/trap exercise
4 Elbow flexion exercise
5. CARDIO (ergometer)

By focusing ME and RE work on her back muscles, I find this is more sport-specific.

What do you think?

Or should I stick to the original basic program layed out be joe defranco?