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2 questions

Posted: Thu Jun 29, 2006 8:10 pm
by GoLdeN M 07
1) will doing 4 sets of arnold presses and 2 sets of seated bb military presses on the same day increase shoulder (lateral delt mostly) development greatly or is too much for one day.]

2) In the past few weeks its been kind of strange because i've been losing some muscle for some reason when my strength has been increasing. Just 2 weeks ago i had alot of lateral deltoid development which i was very proud of. I was happy and thought that if i keep on doing this i will be all set for the summer. Several days after there wasnt as much muscle even when i was working out and eating just like i always was even before the problem.

Honestly im getting mad because i had alot of shoulder develpment and thought that i just had to do several more days of military pressing and i would be ready to would be ready to wear a sleevless shirt. Now its like i start all over again.

Posted: Fri Jun 30, 2006 10:37 am
by Jeff D
1) If the lateral delts is your #1 target, why do 2 exercises that mostly work the front delts????

2) I think your answer here is along the same lines as #1. If your just doing just a bunch of front delt exercises, there lies the problem. Even lateral raises can become less effective for the lateral delts if your front delts are overpowering. They can actually take over the bulk of the work in your lateral raises if done the standard way (standing straight up and lifting directly to the side). Try bending over a little bit, and bring the dumbells slightly behind your body rather than straight out to the side. Also use a grip where at the top of the move your thumbs are pointing down. What you're doing here is taking the front delts out of the move to a much greater extent, and hitting the laterals, as well as the rear delts more.