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Need help?

Post by Johnsonn » Mon Jan 21, 2019 9:46 pm

Sorry for the cryptic thread title, but...

Here's my issue... I've been on a serious diet since July and going to the gym since late October. While there, I typically do some cardio (used to be machines, now I mainly play squash 3+ times a week) and then do a dumbbell or machine-based series of strength exercises. Since I'm on a diet, I know I'm not going to add tons of strength, but I want to try to keep the muscle I do have while I'm losing.

The lifts I do were assembled largely from looking at the suggested 'components' on this site. (DB curls, DB bench, Leg press (sled), DB OHP, DB row, Seated Leg/hamstring curl (machine), DB tricep ext, lat pulldowns, and some core stuff).

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