Hi all,what are Training for stamina ?

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Hi all,what are Training for stamina ?

Post by lifegreen » Thu Jan 24, 2019 8:37 pm

Hi all,

Been awhile since I posted here. Still been keeping at it with moderate weightlifting, but have pretty much dropped most forms of "stamina" (I prefer the term over cardio).

But a situation arose last weekend that made me question what I've been doing, exercise wise, over the last year or so. I went with a group of people went to one of those arcade/restaurant places and I had drank a few beers of course, and decided to play the dancing game with the arrows, called colloquially "DDR". And then I realized after the first song...I am out of shape! I felt as though I literally burst a lung or something the next day!

So anyways, this is forcing me to rethink things. I still want to strength train, but want to add some stamina training as well. Also this might work out as a side effect of wanting to play tennis more when it warms up (which in of itself might be part of the training I guess). The thing is- I don't WANT to get back into long distance running by any means, maybe a mile or two with the dog. I was wondering if you guys had any advice for me? I do want to mention a few execeptions...

- I want it to be outdoors only, I don't want to spend any more time in basements or gyms than I have to
- I do not want to do sprints. I always seem to pull hammys with sprints in the past no matter how much I've warmed up beforehand

I have a few ideas. First biking, cause me and my GF both can get into it. But I was wondering if jumping jacks/jump ropes is good over long term or is it just too intense to be doing while weightlifting? Or other ideas in general? Especially "fun" ones...! I'm already thinking of busting back out my hacky sacks...

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