How to Good Documentaries ?

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How to Good Documentaries ?

Post by gongchae » Mon Jan 28, 2019 10:50 pm

Recently I've been on a documentary kick (luckily I have netflix). I just watched recently as of late (these were all good)

Food Inc- You'll never want to eat food again

Killer at large Obesity's America's biggest threat- You'll want to go knock the USDA overhead the head with a sledgehammer

Bigger, Stronger, Faster- A sort of "pro" steroids movie, you'll realize a lot of the fears aimed at steroids are a little bloated- though I am still not taking them

King Corn- I am currently trying to only buy products without HFCS.

And I am currently watching a movie about artificial sweeteners...yikes. I've watched some here and there in the past- anyone got any good recommendations?

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