Hi there, i hope you can help

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Hi there, i hope you can help

Post by iwatchs » Wed Feb 27, 2019 9:35 pm

Ok I am in the process of cutting while trying to get solid and also get some size. With that being said I am recording every workout I do. My friend Bryan is posting them on his youtube account.

Search bdowney27

Also I think we should have a section on here of creative workouts or people asking help like whats his face apolygoton or something haha cant recall his name completely.
This is me doing our 5x12 with preacher curls I know it's not $h1t weight but I have seen crazy results by doing a lot. That's why im looking forward to the 10x10 JBVT John and Bryan volume training pretty much ripping off the germans since im part german hahaha

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