hi guys, i have a question please help me!

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hi guys, i have a question please help me!

Post by Studione » Fri Mar 01, 2019 9:06 pm

Should it be done on leg or back day?

I've read both points of view extensively and it seems the majority opinion is that deadlift should be done on back day. I for the most part I do them on leg day but when I deadlift they are substituted for squats. I'm ok with trying them on back day so I can do both but I'd like opinions on something else I've been thinking.

I split my routine up as legs, chest, back and shoulders. On the first leg day I'd do squats and then Romanian deadlifts and the following week do deadlifts and then front squats. It gets some variety in there for muscle activation and both exercises get done on leg day. What are your thoughts about this vs just putting deadlifts on back day?

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