Problem about GVT

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Problem about GVT

Post by lindakind89 » Sat Mar 02, 2019 1:23 am

I've been thinking about changing my routine to GVT after this month to change from high intensity to high volume, probably modified Charles Poliquin's GVT. It would be seven-day cycles AXBXCXX, not five. Also I want to add conventional deadlift in it and it seems weird to do 10sets of 10reps hammer curls so I cut out the curl and throw in the deadlift. Does this look okay?

Squat 10x10
GM 10x10
Sit-up 3x10
Calf-raise 3x15

Bench 10x10
Row 10x10
Decline or Incline Bench 3x10 (I have no dip bar)
Pull-up or Chin-up 3xF

Press 10x10
Deadlift 10x10
Triceps Extension 3x10
Curl 3x10

And to make sure I don't misunderstand anything, the three-week phase after the first phase is suppose to be heavy isn't it? the 5 sets of 6-8 reps, or it is suppose to be the deload phase with light weight.

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