I have a few questions I want to ask

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I have a few questions I want to ask

Post by Celena » Wed Sep 18, 2019 1:45 pm

Up until now my strategy for balancing push/pull is "do chins on press day, rows on bench day." I'm wondering if I need to go any further with that now that I'm on 5/3/1 and accessories come into the picture.

So for press, I do the 5/3/1, then 30 chins, then a press variation. It seems silly to get too hung up in trying to balance tonnage, intensity and so forth, so if I'm doing 30+ chins and 40+ presses between 5/3/1 and accessories, is that pretty much good enough?

For bench, I do the 5/3/1 and 25 more accessory bench reps, but only the 5/3/1 for row. So I've got more than 2:1 push to pull for both reps and tonnage. This seems more out of whack, is that anything to worry about? (NOTE: I'm making great progress on rows treating it as a main lift and would much prefer to keep doing that for as long as it works)

Finally for lower body:

1) Is deadlift really a pull compared to squat's push? Does just doing both create the balance?

2) If not, is something like GHR a true lower body pull, and should I be looking to add something in to maintain balance?

3) This is really questions 1 and 2 restated again, but right now I'm loaded up with lower body push accessories, doing Bulgarians twice/week on top of squats and a pause squat variation. Am I ignoring pull in lower body?

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Re: I have a few questions I want to ask

Post by Lancer21 » Mon Sep 30, 2019 1:07 pm

I've got a question too: I wanted to ask how I should exercise during summer in a warm country.
The thing is that my wife and I were eyeing these houses in Greece, and I'd like to keep exercising even there.
So, I had four solutions, which one would be the best?
-Exercise regardless of the temperature, but in shorter seances and with more hydration and showers.
-Exercise early in the morning
-Exercise in a room with air conditioning
-Ditch the workout routine and go cycle or swim instead

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