advice and tips for my recovery - shoulder impingement

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advice and tips for my recovery - shoulder impingement

Post by KPj » Wed Sep 20, 2006 10:16 am


I am on the road to recovery from a shoulder injury. I have posted before about it (before and during) and received some good advice. I have been out of action for the longest 7-8 weeks of my life and now i am feeling quite positive about it.

Basically it was my Rotator cuff on my left side - well, both sides are/were very weak. I had quite bad inflammation that has only really started to go away now, although it depends on my activity level. The physio gave me Bands which I use to do internal and external rotation exercises with, in order to strengthen them.

The problem was what I now believe to be a classic 'school boy' mistake - neglecting the stabilisers. I trained everything else and even made an effort to keep pull and push exercises balanced, but i didn't train the muscles I couldn't see. That combined with a bad posture was the cause.

Now to get to the point - I really don't want to have any more mishaps when I return to full fitness. I want to make sure I am hitting everything (in terms of posture muscles) from every angle that I should.

Currently I do the external and internal rotation, basically these ... ation.html ... ation.html

I have become significantly stronger in these and inflammation afterwards is now at a minimum, verging on non-existent.

I also have a stability ball which I do various exercises on. Some involve leaning on it in certain ways i.e. leaning on it with both hands and moving forward, back, side to side and holding these positions for 5-10 seconds. I also do sit ups on the ball. But that's about it at the moment.

I want to step up activity. I was going to start a full body routine with just the bars i.e. no weight in order to get the movement back and gradually move the weight up in accordance with how my shoulder feels, hopefully increasing quickly so that I can start pushing it a little.

I guess what i am asking is...

1. Is there any more i can do in terms of strength for the RC muscles?

2. What more could I do with the stability ball? I want to now work on ALL postural / stability muscles...

3. My physio basically gave me a target band and said "when you can do 10 reps with this, it's just maintainance, dont increase the weight anymore,just keep working them with a similar resistance" - is this true? As much as I really like the physio, she was against squats, so I would just like to clarify this one... In response I suggested reading the squat analysis on this site, so if she happens to stumble across this thread - no offense :-)

There you go... I don't ask for much


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Post by standAPART » Wed Sep 20, 2006 2:56 pm

NOt to sound like an adverstisement, but I cover exactly everything involving the RTC in my video "Stronger Shoulders- Improving the Function of the Rotator Cuff". You can check it out here:

Why did I devleop this video? Because I had RTC surgery 3 years ago and prior to my surgery every doctor I spoke with told me to give up weight training. The things I perform and teach in the video are a "in your face -hahaha" to those doctors.

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