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following templates

Post by mallenorrn » Thu Nov 02, 2006 8:54 pm

Since this summer I have been actively following the 2 day split workout. To finish the year I was going to change to the torso /legs and arms routine from the push/ pull i have been doing. My question applies to this and the other templates as well. Do I use the same exercises for the same muscle group, or do I alternate by day?
i.e. triceps do I do kickbacks on monday and then extensions on thursday? Or do I stay with the same single excersie for the whole month?
I am a home lifter and have been limited to the free weights but have been able to make do and progress. I fell I ready for more but am unclear on which path to follow.
I appreciate any advise and help I can get....

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Post by northernbelle » Mon Nov 06, 2006 9:18 am

I would say that it doesn't matter. I have a few basic exercises that I do for each muscle group, no matter which template I am following. I also add a few others, just for variety.

You could alternate the exercises, example kickbacks and extensions, on Monday and Thursday, or keep one for a month then switch to the other. It's up to you.

I work out in a gym, so if all the benches are taken, I switch the lying extension to a pressdown on the cable machine, or vice versa.

Sometimes I will do sets of one or two exercises, and sometimes I will do one or two sets of a number of exercises.

As long as you keep doing it...

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