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cramping adductors?

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2007 3:40 pm
by skinnyman
I have been having problems with what I think is my gracilis cramping now and then. Has anyone out there had the same problem? It is absolutely agonizing and very difficult to stretch and knead the cramp out. if it is caused by part of my workout I can't figure which part. The only thing I can think of in my workout is one arm rows standing on on leg that I have been doing for my hip rotators. is there a good way to stretch it besides a split? strengthen it? I am no wuss. this mutha HURTS!

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2007 5:13 pm
by Scott Ismari
I havent but I did have a client that had it as well ....and he wasnt proud of letting letting you know about it.

I had him lay down on his back , legs in the air, bent at knees. I pushed out on each leg opposite from each other at the knee mildly and gradually worked past his cramping point. Another self adminstered stretch would be to do lateral stretch lunges and wide stance sumo squats , no ballistic bouncing mind you. It worked for him