very interesting article for endomorphs

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Post by TimD » Mon Jul 23, 2007 10:27 am

That's a good article Geore. Berardi has some good stuff on that subject as well, but I think that in most cases, I agree, procesed vs unprocesse. While I usually stay away from most white beads and pastas, I have no problem with the higher carb "naturals" like whole grains, rice, legumes, I just eat much less ofthem, choosing the fibrous vegetables over them. Like Kenny pointed out, quantity counts here too.

Kenny Croxdale
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Post by Kenny Croxdale » Mon Jul 23, 2007 10:47 am

One of the interesting pieces of information in this articles is on weight loss comparisons of high and low glycemic index foods.

"An exhaustive assessment of these human intervention trials found no significant difference in the average weight loss between low & high GI diets. in conclusion, the current body of research evidence does not indicate that low-GI foods are superior to high-GI foods in regard to treating obesity."

:Successful application of GI is most consistent when we use higher GI sources to enhance the speed of postworkout glycogenesis, and that's about it."

Kenny Croxdale

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Post by Ironman » Mon Jul 23, 2007 1:27 pm

I don't know why milk would have been considered low GI. Lactose is a simple sugar. Maybe because it has fat and protein too?

I think the reason juice is more high GI then fruit, is because many kinds of juice have added sugar. But if you got plain juice, I would think it would be close. But it seems to me, fiber from pulp would slow down insulin response.

Ryan's post mentioning stomach acid, got me thinking about something else that I wonder about. I have a little trouble believing all that stuff about acidic food because of that. Think about it, stomach acid is way stronger then any food or drink. It is so strong, when you get reflux, it burns your throat in seconds. It can eat away the lining in people with chronic problems, and ulcers are where to much acid eats a crater into your stomach. So if I ate all acidic stuff, how is that going to make any difference?

Another thing regarding PH I am confused about. People say soda is acidic. It has a little of this acid in it, but it also has sodium. So that doesn't make sense to me.

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