exercises,sets,and reps

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work of art
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exercises,sets,and reps

Post by work of art » Sat Dec 01, 2007 4:27 pm

Im a 33year old male that is 5'8 and weigh 145lbs,im an extreme ectomorph long limbs,fast metabolism,flat chest in the upper portion,high calve insertions.I have decided to do only 1 exercise per bodypart in an effort to focus more on the basics and not expend to many calories.I asked myself if i only had time for one exercise per bodypart what would it be. Back-Pull -ups and there variations,Chest -Parallel dips or incline push-ups Quads/hams-Reverse db lunges or variation of the squat or 40 yard wind sprints,Biceps-underhand chin-ups Calves-Sprints.1 exercise per bodypart 3-4 sets,8-12 reps,what do you think of this routine to spark muscle growth along with sufficient calories to support the growth.

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Post by Jaymond » Sat Dec 01, 2007 5:10 pm

If I count correctly, that's 5 exercises.

I would maybe suggest that instead of choosing 1 exercise per bodypart that you choose 5 exercises that work the most bodyparts simultaneously, but still works all the areas.

This is better than isolating muscles as it teaches the muscles how to move with each other and includes stabilising muscles, which will give you greater results and help avoid injury and imbalance.

Luckily enough, programs like this already exist!
One of them is called "Starting Strength" by Mark Rippetoe.


Check it out.

As for the calories needed, If you're not seeing growth or you are not healing between workouts, then eat more.


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Post by Ironman » Sun Dec 02, 2007 9:39 am

eat around 3500 calories a day. 180 grams of protein or more. So 20 to 25% protein. 110 to 115 grams of fat, or around 30% or so. Then 400 or more grams of carbs, 45 to 50% or so. That should be enough protein to build muscle and enough energy to make up for your body type and fast metabolism. Remember the importance of post workout nutrition.

As for the workout, sprints are no substitute for a leg workout. One exercise per part per day is fine, but don't do the same exercise every time.

bench press (alternate weeks between barbell and dumbbell) Monday
Incline bench (alternate weeks between barbell and dumbbell) Wednesday
weighted chest dip and incline dumbbell bench with half as many sets and higher reps with less weight on Friday

bent over row (use both grips) Monday
weighted chins (both grips) Wednesday
dumbbell row and close grip palm facing pullups, half as many sets, more reps less weight Friday

Legs, lower back, abs
squats Monday
Romanian/keystone deadlift Wednesday
hack squats and standard deadlift, wide dumbbell squat 2 sets each Friday

isolation sets
calves low rep heavy Monday
calves 10 to 12 reps lighter Friday
1 set each of lateral raise, shrugs, curls, triceps extensions and hammer curls Wenesday

You see where I'm going with this? You could make it into a 4 day split as well. Just remember that the number of days you workout and the length of your workout should have an inverse relationship. As in 1 goes up and the other goes down.

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