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Knee clicking & hip clicking - how do I get rid of it?

Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2007 2:58 am
by caangelxox
I am squeezing my glutes like I am supposed to be now when walking (helps me stand up straight and proper posture and to hopefully prevent my hips from going uneven and unbalanced again. I looked online on proper standing posture and it said to squeeze the butt) and the knee clicking sound is still there. It drives me crazy everyday when I walk (the sound).

Also sometimes when I sit down on the floor to stretch or whatever, I hear a clicking sound sometimes in my hip (a lot of times my right) and especially in Leg Circles and Leg Kicks. (When I extend my leg straight). The clicking sound in my hip is usually on the right side. Also during Leg Kicks and Leg Circles, I keep my toes pointed to try and get rid of the sound. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't.

Is it preventable?

I forgot to ask the chiropractor yesterday when I went to go see him for my 4th session. I did ask him why my hips keep tightening up and have to be adjusted everytime I go and he says that my hips become twisted. I have no idea how my hips can get twisted (how to prevent it) and I was looking all over online on how to prevent that. Hardly any information. I know that I used to sit with my torso and hips twisted before on the couch. I dont do that anymore because everytime I do, my stomach hurts. Sometimes randomly when I get off the chair, I hear and feel a loud clicking sound like the hip joint has come out of place. It has not done it yet since the session on Friday, but it probably will if I do not figure out how to keep it from happening again. I have heard little small clicking sounds here and there today and a tiny bit yesterday, but no big one yet though. I was also being very careful last night when I was sleeping by putting my hips in the same position as my torso. Took me a while to get comfortable to fall asleep, but I did not want my hips going out of place and uneven again.

What could I be doing wrong other than twisting myself sometimes getting out of my seat (I have been slowly getting out of my seat since friday and the couch and bed to make sure nothing happens again and that my hips dont twist away from my torso)? When I go back to school monday, I dont want to look funny getting off the bus or out of my seat or into my seat in class real slow just incase anyone is looking at me.

I had posture problems in the past and everything is pretty much fixed except that the hips keep tightening up/getting unbalanced and my trapz are tight (the area that turns my head to the right and left and prevents it from going any further. I think that is the levator scapulae). That area clicks quite a bit too

I don't want to keep worrying and thinking about my posture all the time. I need to know what to do and what not to do and how clicking sounds happen and how to prevent it. My posture is why I get worried about everything in the weightroom and also if the stretching I am doing is right or not. Everytime I do something (especially lifting weights), my neck area feels a lot of tension. My upper trapz/levator scapulae

Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2007 6:55 am
by stuward
The clicking is likely crepitus. It's sometimes caused by cartilage wear or osteoarthritis. If there is no pain associated with it there is usually no reason to do anything about it. Most of us at my age have some. Here's some more info:

As for the hip twisting thing, it seems that you're becoming the expert on the subject. Are you doing twisting exercises like wood chops or push pulls? They can only help.


Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2007 2:14 pm
by caangelxox
woodchops and cable push pulls help the hips stay in place if thats what your trying to say? I just don't want inbalances in my hips or uneven hips (one hip higher than the other) anymore...or tightness in my hip where I cannot touch my toes and bend over at the waste with my legs straight very well. For RDL, I go as far low as my flexibility lets me and then come back up. I do the leg slightly bent thing like everyone else, but maybe I should bend them a little more to get my back flat before coming back up on those. All of these problems have to do with the hips being tight. I just want my hips to get loose. Also I play softball and I bat left handed. I am also going to be careful on when I swing to use my whole body all at once and not let my hip go away from my torso at the start of my swing like my videos have been showing me when I videotape myself. I am going to be very careful and practice slowmotion for a while before I start doing it fast. I have plenty of time to work on this until jan 14 when softball starts up again.

and no I don't have any pain associated with the clicking. I don't really think the clicking is coming from my knee the more I listen to it and feel it. It feels like its actually coming from my left hip. I never hear it on my right hip. I only hear my right hip when I am laying down doing leg kicks or leg circles. Also - there is this hip stretch that makes the clicking sound louder when I lean one of my legs over the table and my other knee bent trying to bring it to my chest to stretch my hip. I heard its a great way to increase hip flexibility...but the discomfort the clicking makes me when I do that discourages me from doing it. there is no pain or anything, just a little discomfort when getting into the position (a weird feeling because the hip is making a clicking sound like the joint is moving or something).

any good exercises to loosen my hip or stretches? Also when the chiropractor feels my glutes (to see which is looser than the other or whatever), my right glute always feels looser than my left. My right has more of a cushion and the left is more stiff.

I think the Crepitus is probably caused by when walking, one hip is higher than the other. I am just guessing. I have never had any injuries before. I feel/hear it in my shoulders and jaw as well sometimes and upper back/neck.

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2007 6:48 am
by Matt
That makes more sense that the clicking is coming from the hip, and not from 2 joints (hip and knee).

If you have equal leg length then I can't understand why one hip could or would be higher than the other.

To stretch the hamstrings, which are the usual reason people (like me) have trouble bending over and touching their toes with legs straight, I have found that doing knee extensions (with 40 or 50 lbs, 15 or so reps) first allows better stretching of the hamstrings. This is due to reciprocal inhibition, i.e. the knee extension works the quads, and loosens the hamstrings. Try it.


Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2007 7:25 pm
by caangelxox
I don't do the knee extension anymore or any machines. They don't work stabilizers and are just single joint exercises.

I do one legged squats now. Its like the knee extension, but it works balance and also hamstring flexibility is involved on how far down you can go. The more you do it, the farther down you can one legged squat.

Oh and I do about 4 stretches in the morning when I wake up now for my hip flexors/pirformis and I am not getting much of a clicking or popping sound in my legs anymore. Stretching works. I found this article on "hip popping syndrome" and found these stretches. I know I have to stay away from leg circles and flutter kicks though.

4 stretches mentioned, and one more I added in to get the glutes...

- Lunge (standing up)
- Glute Stretch (laying down on your back with one leg over the other thigh and putting the bent leg over the thigh towards your head
- Pulling knee to chest stretch (laying down on your back and bringing your knee as close to your chest as your flexibility allows. I can easily do it with one leg flat on the ground, so I have one knee hanging over the edge of a table or bench)
- Hip abductor stretch (can lay down with one leg flat on ground or hanging off the edge of seat depending on flexibility)...the leg being stretched is being pulled across your body towards opposite shoulder)

I do hear the sound from my knee or hip or whatever (sounds more like its coming from my knee though) sometimes, so I do the lunge stretch for that leg for a few seconds and then the sound goes away.