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Routine evaluation

Posted: Wed Dec 19, 2007 4:53 pm
by karmagini
Before, I was doing a 4-day upper/lower split. (I've been slacking on exercise for several months.) Now I want to do full-body workouts 3 days a week. Goal is general strength/fat loss if possible.

I wonder if I can do the same workout I once did, 3 days a week? I question it because I don't want to overtrain certain muscles, or attempt too much in the beginning.

My previous plan (all are 2 sets unless specified, first 10 reps, second at higher weight with 7-10 reps):

Squats (3 sets)
Hip abduction
Side bends
Crunches on ball (3 sets)
Bicycle crunches (3 sets)

Bench press (3 sets)
Upright row
Assisted pull-ups
Assisted dips
Bicep curls

Since it will be 3 full-body days now, should I choose different exercises for 1 of those days, hitting all muscle groups each day? I looked around in the sample workout templates, and got a bit confused.